Notable Names

Bonnie Lou

Bonnie Lou is a fitting example of the relationship between King Records and the radio and television station WLW.  Like many artists, Bonnie came to Cincinnati to perform on the station’s 500,000-watt broadcast system, which reached further than any other radio station at the time.  Many of King’s early country singers, including the first artists […]

Philip Paul

Drummer Philip Paul has been called “the heartbeat of early rock and roll.”  As a session musician at King, he provided the backbeat for countless classic and obscure songs of all genres.  His versatility, creativity, and dependability made him invaluable as a member of the company’s studio band. Paul was born in New York in […]

Syd Nathan

Sydney Nathan was the bombastic, coke-bottle-glasses-wearing, cigar-chomping founder and owner of King Records.  Much of the company’s success may be attributed to his creativity as well as his stubbornness.  Although he was not always the easiest person to work with, Syd always had a clear vision of what he wanted to hear from the musicians. […]

Henry Glover

If Syd Nathan was the business mind behind King Records, then Henry Glover was certainly one of the company’s musical geniuses.  Growing up in the 1920s in the resort town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Glover’s early musical influences included the white country music on the radio and the blues and jazz played by black street […]