Resources for Educators

We are pleased to make available King Studios Traveling Suitcases for use in classrooms in the Cincinnati area. We also have developed Ohio Core Content-aligned lesson plans and other educational materials focused on the King legacy. Please click below to learn more.


Traveling Suitcases

King Studios Traveling Suitcases are educational tool kits designed to share and teach different aspects of the King Studios legacy outside of a traditional brick-and-mortar museum location. Each suitcase contains artifacts and educational materials and is aligned to Ohio Content Standards. The Traveling Suitcases are available free of charge for use in K-12 schools in […]

Book a Suitcase Now

Choose from one of our 6 Traveling Suitcases and book online through our simply book me website.  Pick up and drop off will be located at Crayons to Computers (350 Tennessee Avenue Cincinnati, OH, 45229).  Email us with questions about the suitcases at   Book a Suitcase Now!