Traveling Suitcases

King Studios Traveling Suitcases are educational tool kits designed to share and teach different aspects of the King Studios legacy outside of a traditional brick-and-mortar museum location. Each suitcase contains artifacts and educational materials and is aligned to Ohio Content Standards.

The Traveling Suitcases are available free of charge for use in K-12 schools in the Cincinnati area.


The suitcases include lesson plans, teacher’s guides, presentations,  and printable worksheets.

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Watch thEse videos for a short introduction to King Studios



This suitcase encourages students to examine the business side of the music industry. Students will consider the past, present, and future of music production. They will examine supply chains and consider all of the steps necessary for a consumer good to go from being in a factory to in a home. They will also explore […]

Great Migration

King Records was successful in recording Country, Rhythm and Blues, as well as cross-over hits because Cincinnati was a hub of Southern migration to industrial centers in the North in the middle of the twentieth century. White Appalachians came from Kentucky and West Virginia to settle in Over-the-Rhine, while African Americans from the deep South […]

Civil Rights

This lesson introduces students to the legal system of Jim Crow (de jure) segregation, how it was ended by federal legislation and its relation to popular music produced and performed by African American artists at King Records. The suitcase is divided into three parts Part 1: The De Jure Segregation in the South & the […]


This suitcase encourages students to examine King Studios’ music with a scientific lens. Students will explore the technology of vinyl records, break down the physics of sound, study how individual instruments produce sound, and how our bodies hear sound. This suitcase includes 11 individual lesson plans Lesson 1 Making Old Time Music and the Background of […]


This suitcase turns music history into fun mathematical equations and activities. The activities in this suitcase will encourage students to examine historical locations on a coordinate plane, to quantify music by counting notes, and to explore the geometry of King Studios historical marker. This  Suitcase Includes 5 Lesson Plans Lesson 1: Timeline Students will practice […]


This suitcase will spark students’ musical side by inviting them to listen to various King Studios’ songs and to play along with these songs using different types of musical instruments. The 7 Individual Lesson Plans in this Suitcase Are Divided by Elementary School Grade Level   Kindergarten, 1st Grade, & 2nd Grade Lesson Plans Students […]