Digital Innovation Film and Television Program Mission Statement

The Digital Innovation, Film and Television program cultivates students to become responsible, adaptable, and innovative leaders, in a complex and rapidly converging digital environment. With a concentration on digital media production (Film, TV, Web) and the art of visual storytelling, we endeavor to prepare students through hands-on learning, cross-disciplinary study, teambuilding, and community engagement. A member of the School of Arts and Innovation we belong to a student-centered curriculum that fosters graduates who are intellectually, morally and spiritually ready to tell their stories and interpret the world for the greater good. ​​​

STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts

“As the kiddos go back to school, knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math are certainly important, but their imagination, creativity and how they interact with others is critical. Like any flower, the stem is valuable but the bloom on top inspires our imagination — and that’s what people connect to.”

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